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16 May 2024

Create: Train Perspective v0.3.0

by der_frühling

Major update to fix major problems. The mod is in a pretty good state now.

Most things just work nicely, and the perspective is significantly smoother than the previous versions.


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In 0.1.2, I decided that the mod was basically ready and marked it as a Release version.

On second thought, I have realized the state of the mod and decided that Beta better describes its current state. I have marked versions 0.2.2+ as Beta and all versions before that as Alpha to better represent this.

Of course, this does not mean that the mod is unusable or is going to break everything. It just doesn’t hold all the qualities I want it to. In my opinion, A full Release version should be highly functional and configurable, while retaining good compatibility with popular mods.

On that note, this version is quality enough to be a release candidate, and would be if it weren’t for the missing things below:

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tags: create-train-perspective